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Progressive Creation


Progressive creation (PC), frequently known as old earth creationism (OEC), agrees with YEC regarding the historical interpretation of Genesis 1–3. Progressive creation also rejects macroevolution as an explanation for the origin of species. However, according to progressive creation the literal and historical interpretation of Genesis does not preclude the concept of “deep time.” The Biblical days can be interpreted as epochs. Consequently, progressive creation accepts all cosmic and geological evidence of “deep time”; however it rejects the theory of biological macroevolution as the explanation to the origin of species. Hence, progressive creation is congruent with all scientific data (in cosmology, geology and biology) although it rejects some scientific theories (i.e., interpretations of data such as the theory of biological macroevolution). Theistic evolutionists usually present their position as a “middle ground” between the extreme atheistic evolutionism of Richard Dawkins on the one hand and young earth creationism of “fundamentalists” on the other. But they overlook progressive creation, which is also a middle ground between the two extremes and—by the way—an alternative to theistic evolution.

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